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A new era of journalism at Barnard

Dear Barnard Community,

“Feminist journalism means to give a point of view that is not one-sided but inclusive. A space where we can talk about our diversity: about our different ethnicities, about diverse sexual identities. It is about speaking freely and independently. So, feminism for us actually means freedom.” – Michelle Nogales, co-founder of Bolivian feminist magazine Muy Waso

We are feminist. We are provocative. We are artistic. A new era of journalism at Barnard is born.

Welcome to the brand new Barnard Bulletin! My name is Sunaya DasGupta Mueller, and I am the Editor-In-Chief of Barnard College’s undergraduate run newspaper, founded in 1901. 

The Bulletin covers Barnard and New York City related news under its Arts & Culture, Politics & Opinion, Health & Style, and Features sections through an intersectional feminist lens. We also have an incredible legacy! Former editors and writers include anthropologist Margaret Mead ‘25, Pulitzer Prize winning NPR and CNN journalist Maria Hinojosa ‘84, and The Glass Castle author Jeanette Walls ’84.

Although the Bulletin was inactive for the past few semesters, my executive and editorial board have been working diligently to re-launch the newspaper’s website. We worked with web designer Beth Soderberg and her brilliant team to bring the Barnard Bulletin back to life.

We are also honored to introduce our Board of Advisors: Julianna Goldman, award-winning multimedia journalist and political columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, Theo Balcomb, founder of New York Time’s The Daily, and Alexandra Watson, co-founder and executive editor of the Apogee Journal and Associate Director of the Writing Program at Barnard College.

Moving forward, the Barnard Bulletin will provide accessible student journalism to the Barnard and Columbia community. We are so excited to forge a new path of critical feminist journalism, and seek the powerful tradition of truthtelling on Barnard’s campus. 

In A Room of One’s Own, Virgina Woolf writes, “Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is not gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” Welcome to a newsroom of our own.

With deepest gratitude, 

Sunaya DasGupta Mueller

Editor-In-Chief, Barnard Bulletin

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