A Guide to Abortion Access at Barnard

All you need to know about reproductive healthcare on campus

Art By Samma Rehem

Primary Health Care Services (PCHS) is the first stop for those seeking care around abortion at Barnard. Though abortion access is the centerpiece of this guide, it will also mention the resources available around contraceptive care on campus. 

At the Wellness Spot, Barnard students have free access to external and internal condoms, lubricant, and dental dams, all of which are placed outside of their office at 119 Reid Hall, as well as at PCHS during business hours. The Wellness Spot also offers counseling services to those considering various methods of contraception – for some methods of contraception, such as the IUD (intrauterine device) or a birth control implant, a contraceptive counseling session is required before being given a prescription by PCHS. 

Additionally, emergency contraception is available through PCHS, or in the vending machine located near the entrance to Brooks Hall in the Quad, which is open at all times. A more detailed list of available emergency contraception, as well as the full list of contraceptive options offered by PCHS, is available here

In regards to abortion, both medical and surgical, PCHS offers options counseling and referrals. They also offer free and confidential rapid urine pregnancy tests, which are free for all students regardless of their insurance plan, as is any counseling that follows. After pregnancy is confirmed, whether through an independent test or one with PCHS, a provider will speak to the patient about their options and refer them out to a private abortion clinic – these often incur a cost to the student, regardless of whether they have the student insurance plan or a private one. For more information on health insurance plan options, visit the PCHS website

To make an appointment with PCHS, call 1-212-854-2091. Contact The Wellness Spot at 212-854-3063 or at thewellnesspot@barnard.edu. For more information on abortion cost and access in New York City, visit the NYC Abortion Access Hub

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